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  • Galvanized / Stainless Steel Aircraft Cable (GAC) By Bairstow Lifting Products Co

    Bairstow Lifting Products Co., Inc. was founded and built on supplying wire rope for the needs of the crane and earth moving equipment industries. While the foundation of the wire rope industry has changed throughout the years, wire rope is still an integral part of the lifting and rigging... Read More
  • Galvanized Drop Forged Turnbuckles By Bairstow Lifting Products Co

    Bairstow Lifting Products Co., Inc. knows quality rigging hardware can mean the difference in critical lifting applications. We have been supplying and distributing a vast array of rigging hardware and accessories since 1960. Having partnered with the very best, quality manufacturers in the... Read More
  • GamColor® By GAM PRODUCTS Inc.

    GamColor, deep dyed polyester color, is a superior color filter medium for use with all types of lights. Because it is deep dyed, the color will not scratch off the surface and is optically clear. The clear polyester base is highly resistant to tears, punctures, cracking and deterioration in... Read More
  • GamPatterns By GAM PRODUCTS Inc.

    The GAM off-the-shelf stainless steel, gobo pattern is an important tool for every lighting project and can be used in many ways. Patterns create 'background looks' when projected on scenery, on walls, floors, or on a cyclorama. Patterns can 'break up' the light used to illuminate people. Some... Read More
  • GamTubes™ By GAM PRODUCTS Inc.

    GamTubes™ are colored filter sleeves that slip over fluorescents to correct or change their color. They're an excellent and economical choice to simulate neon, reduce glare or to color correct for motion picture and television production. GamTubes™ are available for every fluorescent lamp from... Read More
  • Gated Hook Grippers By Griplock Systems LLC

    15Z-1420-GHA, 25Z-1420-GHA, 30Z-1420-V6-GHA The uses for Griplock’s Gated Hook Grippers are seemingly endless. Its easy to imagine them holding lights, speakers, curtains, backdrops, banners—almost any kind of temporary or permanent installation. Cables exit at the side of the gripper, so... Read More
  • Gear & Rigging By ZFX Flying Effects

    ZFX is an expert in Gear and Rigging for flying productions and more. Check out our Z-Bay store to browse the gear we offer online, or call us to talk about custom solutions. Read More
  • Gladiator Followspots By Strong Entertainment Lighting

    Long the standard of the largest venues in the world, the 3 kW Gladiator III provides the “punch” for throws of up to 450 feet (140m). The high intensity beam, plus the durability and reliability of the unit, make it the choice for many of the largest theaters, arenas, stadiums, and special... Read More
  • GRAPHICS By Southwest Scenic

    Our Graphics department has extensive experience in signage and custom fabrication of props, scenic elements and prototypes. Southwest Scenic Group strives to produce the best product possible to suit your needs. We have a wide variety of printing capabilities from grand format to direct to... Read More
  • Gridguard Guardrail By Staging Concepts

    The Gridguard series is available in a variety of wire mesh, perforated, and other infill materials to achieve an architecturally artistic look. Flexible mounting methods allow for use in nearly any location. The standard Gridguard is made with 1/4” diameter, 2×2 mesh or 1/8” perforated panels... Read More
  • Guard Dog Heavy Duty 5 Channel Cable Protectors By Checkers Safety Group

    Ideal for public, commercial, and industrial areas. The fast and easy way to guard and protect valuable electrical cables and hose lines from damage and abuse while providing a method of safe crossing for constant vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Each cable/hose line is separated and organized... Read More
  • Guardrail Cart By Staging Concepts

    These welded steel tube carts permit guardrails to hang from integral brackets for the most compact and efficient storage possible. Read More