Hospitality Design 5_24_2018

Products in the Light & Entertainment Design Marketplace

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  • One-stop scenic: Beauty and the Beast By ZFX Flying Effects

    Our Beauty and the Beast Costumes are breathtaking. From candle-hands that light up and flicker, to the endearing shuffle of the clock body, we have the costumes to enchant your entire audience. Our leads package includes all the enchanted characters as well as Le Fou, Gaston, the Prince and... Read More
  • One-stop scenic: Peter Pan By ZFX Flying Effects

    We offer a comprehensive Peter Pan set/prop package. For theaters that cannot accommodate a large Broadway size set, we offer our “ZFX Peter Pan” smaller, more modestly sized set. This scenery features new drops and a full props package. We also offer Sword Packages made by Neil Massey of... Read More
  • Orchestra Pit Fillers/Stage Extension By SECOA

    SECOA pit fillers can be designed for fixed heights or variable heights depending upon support system needs allowing an even greater amount of flexibility Our pit fillers are engineered to the space requirements of each installation from a straight stage extension, to a single radius or double... Read More
  • Outdoor Lighting for Hospitality Businesses By Philips Lighting

    Philips manufacturers an extensive list of outdoor lighting equipment for hospitality industry applications, including pool and parking areas, such as: The MasterColor® Pulse Start ED231, which features ALTO® lamp technology, high energy savings and extra long life to reduce maintenance costs,... Read More