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  • STOCK SCENERY CONSTRUCTION HANDBOOK, 2nd Edition, by Bill Raoul By Broadway Press Inc.

    Widely adopted as a college textbook, STOCK SCENERY CONSTRUCTION HANDBOOK is one of the easiest to use, and most complete manuals on scenery construction. It has over 180 full-page drawings showing construction techniques for every conceivable kind of stock scenery piece, from flats (plain ones,... Read More
  • S7 Series Techniseal Troffer By Paramount Industries

    A surface mount, fluorescent troffer constructed of nominal 20GA (.036) zinc coated steel for unmatched corrosion protection. Knockouts on the back of the luminaire provide wireway access. All seams are sealed with a long life acrylic sealant. • UL/CUL Listed Damp Location • Cleanroom (Classes... Read More
  • SAM555 Mobile Stage By Stageline Mobile Stage

    Stageline SAM555 portable stage. With its unique cantilevered sound-wing system and patented telescopic column design, the best roof clearance and wind resistance in the industry, the SAM 555 is the largest, the highest rainproof mobile stage in the world. Basic Configuration: 50' x 38'... Read More
  • SC Choral Riser By Staging Concepts

    The SC Choral Riser is a mobile, durable, portable choral riser perfect for choir performances in any venue. This portable choir riser from Staging Concepts can be simply folded up and easily rolled into storage on its wheels by just one person. The SC Choral Riser is easy to use because of a... Read More
  • SC Pro Riser By Staging Concepts

    With towers that combine both bridging from left to right and front to back, this caster-mounted product is both long-lasting and transportable. Optional accessories include step units, handrail, guardrail, field walls and padding, camera or video platforms, and wind load anchors. Leveling feet... Read More
  • SC100 Folding Bridge Frame By Staging Concepts

    SC100 Folding Bridge Frame, also referred to as a C-Frame, is a functional frame that provides bridging between platforms. The frame, which is available in fixed and adjustable heights, folds flat and is also self-contained. Custom sizes are available and allow you to use the SC100 with the SC90... Read More
  • SC100 Storage Cart By Staging Concepts

    The SC100 Storage Cart will store SC100 frames on either a single hanger (pictured) or double hanger cart. Carts, made of welded steel tubes, provide easy storage and mobility for the SC100 Folding Bridge Frames. Read More
  • SC2000 Seating Riser Support By Staging Concepts

    The SC2000 Seating Riser is perfect for facilities that have flexible seating needs. The key features of the SC2000 are its quick setup, flexible configurations, and compact storage. The understructure unfolds like an accordion and expands to fill the designated space. Only two people are... Read More
  • SC2003 Rolling Stage By Staging Concepts

    The SC2003 Rolling Stage has a retractable caster assembly so that it can roll across a flat floor while completely assembled. The stage consists of a support structure and three 4′x8′ SC90 Platforms, creating an 8′x12′ area. Multiple rolling stages can bridge SC90 Platforms to create a larger... Read More
  • SC90 Adjustable Height Leg By Staging Concepts

    The SC90 Adjustable Leg Supports, used with the SC90 and SC97 Platforms, have bracing and leg clamps available for extra stability and rigidity at higher elevations. They can be used with the most challenging custom applications on stages and seating riser systems. Read More
  • SC90 Fixed Height Leg By Staging Concepts

    Our SC90 Leg Supports, used with the SC90 and SC97 Platforms, guarantee maximum durability and strength; the leg supports feature the same high quality aluminum that is used on our platforms. The leg supports are available in both fixed and adjustable heights, and have bracing and leg clamps... Read More
  • SC90 Platform By Staging Concepts

    The SC90 Platform is the cornerstone of Staging Concepts’ equipment line. It is well known for its strength, versatility and durability, constructed of a patented aluminum extruded frame combined with a 1-inch thick plywood substrate with an aluminum backer. The aluminum backer provides a Class... Read More
  • SC9600 Bridge Support System By Staging Concepts

    The SC9600 Bridge Support System “bridges” platforms from right to left and front to back. The SC9600 Bridge Support System consists of two end frames that lock together with both horizontal and diagonal snap bracing. Also included are four top plates in single, dual or quad node design. The... Read More
  • SC9600 Storage Cart By Staging Concepts

    The SC9600 Storage Cart stores all components of the SC9600 Bridge Support system – end frames, snap braces, and top plates. No more lost components! The SC9600 Storage Cart, made of welded steel tubes, permits end frames to hang from integral brackets, snap braces to store within steel columns,... Read More
  • SC97 Platform By Staging Concepts

    The SC97 Platform is an all-aluminum weatherproof deck used mainly in sports venues. It is engineered for strength and durability, but is lightweight as well. All decking and aisle steps are made of non-slip ribbed extruded aluminum. The SC97 is flexible and can be used with all of Staging... Read More
  • Scenic Backdrops By Charles H. Stewart Co. LTD.

    1500 painted backdrops, solid curtains, and specialty stage curtains for rent Read More
  • SCENIC FINISH By Southwest Scenic

    Southwest Scenic Group’s top-notch finish department is fully capable of creating a broad spectrum of paint finishes to achieve any imaginable mood or aesthetic. Need your reception area to pop with vivid, brand-driven color? Just ask. Transport your space to a Tuscan villa or a barn on the... Read More
  • Schematic Design By Auerbach Glasow French

    Written Design Concepts Functional Descriptions Lighting Power Requirements Budget Preparation Read More
  • Sconce Lighting Fixtures By ILEX Architectural Lighting

    Norwell Lighting and Accessories fabricates dozens of solid brass wall mount sconce lighting fixture designs, including: Roule, Weston, Circa, Maya, Astor, Jade, Nelly, Kimberly, Aidan Swing Arm, Maggie, Georgetown, Ivy, Bristol and more. Norwell's sconce designs come with multiple numbers and... Read More
  • Sconces By ILEX Architectural Lighting

    Wall mount lighting from ilexlight include its collections of sconces such as the City Series, and dozens of sconce styles ranging from classic to contemporary, antique brass to polished aluminum, mahogany, and sustainable bamboo. Read More
  • Sconces and Custom Wall Lighting Fixtures By Texas Lightsmith, Inc.

    Texas Lightsmith Inc. offers dozens of sconces and custom wall lighting fixture designs handcrafted by its metal smiths using standard sheet metal and wrought iron fabrication techniques. Its sconces and wall mount lighting fixtures come available with a range of finish options including:... Read More
  • Screw Pin / Bolt Type Anchor Shackles By Bairstow Lifting Products Co

    Bairstow Lifting Products Co., Inc. knows quality rigging hardware can mean the difference in critical lifting applications. We have been supplying and distributing a vast array of rigging hardware and accessories since 1960. Having partnered with the very best, quality manufacturers in the... Read More
  • SeaChanger Tungsten Profile By SeaChanger

    The SeaChanger Tungsten Profile fixture is fully compatible with ETC Source Four Ellipsoidals. Easily controlled with 4-channel DMX and RDM capability, the robust filters eliminate the need for noisy cooling fans, providing you with silent, swipe-free color transition in less than a second.... Read More

    Southwest Scenic Group has designed and fabricated an extensive inventory of Rental/Green sets which can be quickly pulled from stock and creatively modified to help communicate your company’s marketing messages, at a reasonable cost to you and your client. With the ability to add your... Read More
  • SGM G-1 Beam LED IP65 Moving Light By Techni-Lux - Professsional Lighting Equipment

    With the ground-breaking G-1 Beam moving head, SGM has succeeded in offering numerous cutting-edge features in a physically compact chassis. A sharply defined, flat and uniform beam that operates rapidly in every movement provides intense mid-air beam effects through a high power white LED... Read More
  • Showmaster Pro By Medialon, Inc.

    Showmaster Pro is an all in one embedded Show Controller fitted with all necessary show protocol interfaces. It controls and synchronizes dimmers, lighting desks, video projectors, video servers, sound processors, etc. Showmaster Pro also provides digital I/O and balanced Time Code... Read More
  • Showmobile Mobile Stage By Wenger Corporation

    Professional-looking events are easy with the Showmobile(R). This all-in-one unit can be towed almost anywhere, and is wired for sound and lights. Fast, user-friendly set-up reduces labor costs. Rental revenue can help offset its purchase price. The wireless remote control automatically... Read More
  • Shure Microflex Microphones By Shure Incorporated

    Customizable, exceptional sound for professional installations. Microflex microphones feature interchangeable cardioid, supercardioid and omnidirectional condenser cartridges that tailor the mics to the specific character of a space. Each microphone comes complete with all necessary accessories. Read More
  • Shure PSM900 Personal Monitor System By Shure Incorporated

    The PSM®900 Wireless Personal Monitor System from Shure offers an unprecedented combination of superb audio quality, robust RF performance, and category-leading features for the most demanding professional applications. All new, patent-pending CueMode allows the sound engineer to monitor... Read More
  • Shure UHF-R Wireless By Shure Incorporated

    Shure UHF-R® Wireless Microphone Systems master the high pressure and extreme conditions of large-scale touring or installations environments while delivering uncompromising sound. Rock-solid engineering and unparalleled RF performance provide sound professionals with all the features and... Read More
  • Simple Step Unit By Staging Concepts

    The Simple Step Unit is specifically designed for use with low elevation stages. It is an economical solution and the perfect complement to a stage constructed with SC90 platforms and low fixed height leg supports. Read More
  • Sirius Lite By Orion Software

    Sirius Lite is a complete, Windows-based, rental & inventory management software, which is user-friendly and powerful. Sirius Lite, Rental Software Made Easy! Sirius Lite integrates with major accounting software, such as QuickBooks or Simply Accounting, and it is possible to upgrade to Sirius... Read More
  • Sirius Pro By Orion Software

    Orion Software presents Sirius Pro, a Windows based, award-winning Rental Software. Sirius manages all your operations, from quotations to reservations, contracts to invoicing. Thanks to our extended features, you can now control your operations and improve your customer services. Our remote... Read More
  • SL100 Ultra Portable Stage By Stageline Mobile Stage

    Stageline SL100 ultra portable stage. The only all-aluminium mobile unit featuring a fully hydraulic stage set-up. Unit offering a total rigging capacity of 6,500 lb (2,948 kg) and strong enough to raise the roof loaded with 3,800 lb (1,725 kg) of sound, lights, banners and sets. Multiple deck... Read More
  • SL260 Mobile Stage By Stageline Mobile Stage

    The new Stageline SL260 portable stage stems from the success of the world acclaimed Stageline SL250 model, which has over 15 years of innovative design. Built on the strength of the SL250 Series, the new SL260 mobile stage trailer offers more trim height, more sound wing rigging capacity and... Read More
  • SL320 Mobile Stage By Stageline Mobile Stage

    The largest stage in the SL Series. Install a 40' x 40' (12m x 12m) stage area with superior clearance. Among its many advantages are unmatched wind resistance and a full line-array capability. Efficient and tough, it has proved itself in thousands of events to production professionals facing... Read More
  • Snow Machines By Zigmont Magic F/X Inc.

    Evaporative Snow machinesis state of the art faux (fake) snow that dissolves leaving little to no residue. It is used in major theme parks throughout the world and has been used in numerous movies including “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” to portray a realistic snow effect. When the machines... Read More
  • SoftSymbols™ By Field Template LLC

    SoftSymbols™ is a CAD-based theatrical lighting symbol package created in the VectorWorks® environment. Shelley designed the symbols with the patented icons used to create his award-winning series of Field Templates™. Each hybrid symbol contains a Spotlight Light Info Record that lists default... Read More
  • Sonora™Panels By Acoustics First

    Sonora Acoustical Wall Panels, previously referred to as Respond Panels, are used to reduce echo and reverberation in applications, small and large. These panels are manufactured from a rigid high density (6-7 PCF) glass fiber acoustical board and covered with an acoustically transparent fabric.... Read More
  • Sound Channels Acoustical Wall Fabric By Acoustics First

    Acoustical Fabric for Vertical Surfaces Sound Channels® is a dimensional fabric that offers excellent acoustical properties, unmatched fade resistance, and a fire/smoke retardant Class A rating. Sound Channels® is resistant to moisture, mildew, rot, bacteria, and is non-allergenic. Produced... Read More
  • SOUND DESIGNER'S COMPANION by Bill Raoul By Broadway Press Inc.

    An indispensable reference book for sound designers to help them identify appropriate music for plays and films. It lists classical composers from Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) to John Adams (b. 1947) with short descriptions of the type of music they composed and suggestions for which of... Read More
  • Special Effects By Musson Theatrical, Inc.

    Fog, haze, mist, bubbles, laser stars, blacklight, water effects, fire effects, confetti, and much more. Musson carries a wide range of special effect products designed to impress trick-or-treaters and corporate executives alike. Read More
  • Special Event Gobos By InLight Gobos

    At InLight Gobos we are always looking for ways to satisfy our customers' needs. Due to the increasing demand of gobos for use at weddings, sweet 16, bar mitzvahs, quinceañeras, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement parties, etc. It is simple. We want to help you create the event of your dreams... Read More
  • Specialized Services and Support By Niscon Inc.

    At Niscon Inc. we make the time to thoroughly understand our customers markets and specific applications. We anticipate needs through discussions, research and the development of a customer/ supplier team effort. Combined, we engineer an approach that compliments the final product and... Read More
  • Spider LED 8x10w Effect Light By Techni-Lux - Professsional Lighting Equipment

    Dazzling LED effect light with razor sharp beams of RGBW. It features two independently tilting bars of 4 high output beams. Control the beam color, chasing and rapid movement for a dynamic effect. Read More
  • Spotmeters By PCO-Tech Inc. (formerly Cooke Corp.)

    Cooke's cal-SPOT 401 Calibrated Precision Spotmeter is ergonomically designed with emphasis on user-friendliness and accurate measurements traceable to NIST standards. Designed to be used with both eyes open, and no magnification, the cal-SPOT401 measures from 8" to infinity, producing a 1... Read More
  • Stackable Platform Cart By Staging Concepts

    The Stackable Vertical Platform Cart transports up to 10 platforms per cart on edge for easy navigation through doorways and other tight spaces when un-stacked. When stacked, the carts accommodate tight but tall storage spaces. These carts have removable ends and can also be ordered for a 4-, 6-... Read More
  • Stage / Theatrical Cordage By Bairstow Lifting Products Co

    Bairstow Lifting Products Co., Inc. has been supplying synthetic and natural rope for the needs of the rigging, construction, marine, and theatrical industries since 1960. While there have been groundbreaking changes in rope technology throughout the years, basic ropes are still an integral part... Read More
  • Stage Curtains By LuXout

    Not all stage curtains are made the same. Most are still made like they were 100 years ago. LuXout™ curtains are designed with unique features to eliminate problem areas and to provide curtains that start out looking beautiful and retain that look for years of service. Read More
  • Stage Curtains By iWeiss - Curtains, Rigging, Theatrical Supplies

    Theatrical Drapery, Soft Goods, Legs, Borders, Cyc, Main Curtains Read More
  • Stage Curtains By Wenger Corporation

    SECOA has provided and installed drapery and hardware for thousands of stages, large and small. Our stage curtains are manufactured to the highest standards. SECOA can provide and install stage draperies, acoustical curtains, acoustical pull-up panels, banner curtains, masking curtains, and... Read More
  • Stage Drapery - Backdrop By Black Sheep Enterprises

    The backdrop stage drapery Black Sheep offers is a large flat "canvas" made using cotton muslin. The surface is painted with a scene appropriate to the production or event. It generally can be repainted several times. Read More
  • Stage Drapes By Black Sheep Enterprises

    TYPES OF STAGE DRAPERY Austrian Puff Contour Curtain -- Waterfall Curtain Tab Curtain -- Tableau Curtain Front Curtain -- Main or Act Curtain Intermediate Traveler Legs -- Wings or Tormentors Border -- or Teaser Valance Cyclorama Scrim Backdrop Read More
  • Stage Drapes and Rigging By Musson Theatrical, Inc.

    Our 35 years of experience in custom rigging and stage and studio drape design and installation, coupled with our commitment to employing ETCP Certified Riggers, makes Musson the clear choice for discriminating customers. Click on System Design and Integration above to learn more, or call now... Read More
  • Stage Lifts By Show-Canada Industries Inc.

    Stage lift: Seventeen individual stage lifts are grouped together for this project. Five are constructed of steel and are actuated by a rack and pinion system. They vary in size from 64 to 1122 sq. ft. and travel up to 27.5 ft (8.4 m). Twelve are constructed with a steel base and an aluminum... Read More
  • Stage Make Up By Musson Theatrical, Inc.

    Musson carries a large stock of Ben Nye professional makeup products for performing artists and educators. We also have plenty of teal and black in stock for Sharks fans and themed kits for kids (and big kids) at Halloween. Read More
  • Stage Rigging By iWeiss - Curtains, Rigging, Theatrical Supplies

    We offer dead hung, manually operated, and motorized rigging systems for new construction and renovations. We can work with your consultants or help you design and install complete rigging packages for any size venue or special event, or help you find the right addition to improve your existing... Read More
  • Stage Skirting By Staging Concepts

    Add Staging Concepts’ Stage Skirting to your stage for a clean, polished look. Skirting is typically the first choice for dressing up a performance stage and provides a classic appearance. Our stage skirting simply clips into our patented platform extrusions using extruded plastic clips with... Read More
  • Stage, Orchestra and Piano Lifts By SERAPID, Inc.

    SERAPID, Inc is a full service provider from engineering to installation of stage and orchestra platform lift systems. Read More
  • Standard / Metric Shouldered and Non-Shouldered Eyebolts By Bairstow Lifting Products Co

    Bairstow Lifting Products Co., Inc. knows quality rigging hardware can mean the difference in critical lifting applications. We have been supplying and distributing a vast array of rigging hardware and accessories since 1960. Having partnered with the very best, quality manufacturers in the... Read More
  • Standard/GAC Wire Rope Slings By Bairstow Lifting Products Co

    Bairstow Lifting Products Co., Inc. has been manufacturing and fabricating slings since 1960 using only the finest quality materials and latest technology in the industry. We provide a full range of sling products, all made in our Atlanta, GA facility. From basic wire rope slings, chain slings,... Read More
  • State of the Art Motion Control Systems By Niscon Inc.

    You’ve got an idea. You know WHAT you want to do. Call Niscon Inc. to work out HOW to do it. We engineer the art of movement. Creative software development allows us to customize our Raynok software to make complex movements simple to execute and, to manufacture the control equipment to make it... Read More
  • STC Trim Chain By Wenger Corporation

    SECOA is one of the leading suppliers of theatrical rigging equipment in the United States. We have designed an economical chain specifically for use in overhead lifting applications for the theatrical industry. FEATURES * Rugged, versatile, high strength with low weight. * The... Read More
  • Steel Barricade By Staging Concepts

    The steel-constructed barricade sections require only two people for easy installation. Each section is equipped with a simple locking mechanism to effectively create a secure barricade that takes only minutes to assemble. The Crowd Control Barricade has a black powder coat finish to prevent... Read More
  • StratiQuilt Quilted Fiberglass Blankets By Acoustics First

    Quilted Fiberglass Blankets, Rolls & Panel Curtains combine absorption and barrier material for use in areas that require tough, flexible materials and provide a surface that can be wiped clean. These can be great for machine and industrial enclosures, recording GoBos, and can be hung as... Read More
  • Super Trouper Followspots By Strong Entertainment Lighting

    An extremely compact and powerful xenon followspot, the Super Trouper II offers high performance in a small package. Heavy-duty construction offers rock-solid optical alignment that handles “trouping” like a pro. Unique to the Super Trouper II is the ability to operate the fixture from either... Read More
  • SuperCove Cove & Perimeter Lighting By Prudential Lighting

    General •A high performance 3¼" low profile cove lighting system. •Features our three-piece optical system for lighting low angles, reducing socket shadow and eliminating striations. •Surface mounts in a low-profile, concealed cove. Lamps and Sizing •Accommodates up to 1/T8,T5 or... Read More
  • Swaging and Cutting Tools By Bairstow Lifting Products Co

    Bairstow Lifting Products Co., Inc. knows quality rigging hardware can mean the difference in critical lifting applications. We have been supplying and distributing a vast array of rigging hardware and accessories since 1960. Having partnered with the very best, quality manufacturers in the... Read More
  • System in a Box - Show*Pro Series By Lightronics

    System in a Box - Show*Pro Series Read More
  • Systems and Maintenance Instruction By Auerbach Glasow French

    Systems Training Maintenance Manuals As Focused Documentation Read More