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LXSeries / LXSeries Pro

LXSeries / LXSeries Pro

Available from Claude Heintz Design

LXSeries software applications for lighting design can be freely downloaded. They include LXFree (OS X) and LXFree Java (Windows and Linux), which integrate drawing a plot with producing paperwork. LXConsole is an offline cue editor that supports playback of one DMX universe via ACN or a DMX... Read More

Telescopic Mast

Telescopic Mast

Available from SERAPID, Inc.

The SERAPID TeleMast is a high-strength telescopic lifting column capable of lifting heavy loads, operating in extreme conditions, reaching heights of 40 feet or more and resisting lateral loads. This telescopic mast unit is a self-guided lifting column made of high-strength, lightweight... Read More

Frezzi HMI Super Sun Gun Kits

Frezzi HMI Super Sun Gun Kits

Available from Frezzolini Electronics Inc.

Frezzi’s 200W & 400W HMI Super Sun Gun Lights are engineered for news gathering and on location productions to produce a wide, smooth, flat optical field of light output that’s unmatched for their size and weight categories. The 200W HMI rivals most 400W HMI units in the field today... Read More

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Musson Theatrical, Inc.

Musson Theatrical specializes in providing theatrical lighting, sound, scenery, and special effects for performing arts, education, worship, photographic, film, video, event, television, trade show, and themed environment applications. Musson's services include sales, system design and... Read More

J&M Special Effects

Where our goal is to bring your imagination to life. Read More

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