How Broadcast Amplifies Messaging for Organizations of All Sizes

Press Release from FX Design Group

When discussing the importance of broadcast, FX Design Group often uses the slogan “Your Brand. Your Message. Everywhere.” It may seem straightforward, but what does it mean in real world terms for businesses outside of the realm of news coverage? What is the importance of broadcast for organizations whose primary focus is not news itself? 

Simply put: it’s all about connection.  

At its core, broadcast is the establishment of an instant relationship between your organization and its audience, paired with the engagement of a live or recorded presentation. It adds personality and visual appeal to information presented or pushed out to employees, customers, and the media. Through your broadcast’s set and lighting, branding, and graphic elements, viewers can better associate and retain your organization’s messaging. 

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The benefits span industries and apply to organizations of all sizes. From Fortune 500 companies to local municipalities, to sole proprietorships and everything in between, establishing a relationship through broadcast can exponentially expand the reach of an organization to their various stakeholders. 

These benefits don’t end at the live broadcast itself. As a recordable medium, your broadcast can be repurposed in numerous secondary applications. Broadcast footage can be uploaded to different platforms, edited for social media, reused in future broadcasts, and much more. Having a robust base of content is critical for an overall content marketing strategy, and broadcast is the perfect outlet to build such a base. Broadcast can also be external or internal, communicating to a wide-reaching public audience, or more private teams within your organization. 

The multiple benefits of broadcast for non-news applications is reflected in the facility of recent FX client TK Elevator in Atlanta, GA. Seed Campus Training Manager Thomas Knutson outlines TK Elevator’s outlines his organizations studio usage as follows: 

TK Elevator Studio A, located at TKE’s Innovation and Qualification Center in Atlanta, is a multi-use video production space created primarily for SEED Campus, TKE’s internal Learning and Development group. Our small video production team creates corporate training programs and technical instruction for SEED Campus, but also produces a wide variety of projects for internal audiences in North America and across the globe. These projects have included live town halls, podcasts, product launches, executive interviews and other corporate messaging. We have staged in-person classes and interactive webinars via Zoom and Teams, recorded social media content, setup green screen photo shoots, hosted panel discussions and live-streamed meetings & announcements. 

TK Elevator - Atlanta, GA
TK Elevator – Atlanta, GA

We have the capability to connect to other studios, conference rooms and external locations for live interactive conferencing and presentations. One major production involved the broadcast of a live 4-hour product launch containing pre-recorded presentations, remote product tours, hosted interviews, and live interactive Q&A segments. Everyone who uses the space is impressed with it, from technicians and subject matter experts to executives and our corporate viewing audiences. When our global CEO is in the area, he frequently utilizes the studio space to record video updates and messaging for our global employees. 

This studio space has allowed us to maintain a centralized “always ready” production space that requires very little setup and preparation. We no longer have to search for and reserve an available office or conference room. Instead of spending precious time packing and unpacking, setting up equipment, storing and/or renting production gear, we can literally step into the studio, flip a few switches and be good to go with any number of production scenarios. 

We have added the studio as a regular stop on tours of our Atlanta facility, allowing guests and employees the opportunity to see the flexibility of this creative space. Everyone who sees it is surprised and impressed that a small corporate video group has access to such a professional-level production studio. 

Whether your organization has been broadcasting for years or you’re just starting out, FX Design Group equips your brand with the foundation for success in the broadcast landscape. Corporations, sports teams, colleges, universities, and religious organizations have all found measurable success through the set and lighting design, fabrication, and installation services that FX provides. Contact us today to learn more about strengthening your audience connection, engagement, and interactions via the world-class services of FX today, and discover the heights your messaging can reach. 

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