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Publishers of books for designers and technicians in the entertainment industry.

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Illuminating Engineering Society of North America

The IES seeks to improve the lighted environment by bringing together those with lighting knowledge and by translating that knowledge into actions that benefit the public. Read More

William H. Lord , Inc.

Introductory text for technical theater. Provides facility analysis as well as plans and specifiations for Theatrical Lighting systems, and for Stage Curtains and Rigging. Over 450 projets with High Schools a specialty. Read More

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By Broadway Press Inc.

First published in 1988, BACKSTAGE HANDBOOK: an illustrated almanac of technical information by Paul Carter with illustrations by George Chiang is one of the most widely used stagecraft textbooks in the United States. It is currently in its third edition. This handy reference book brings... Read more »

By Broadway Press Inc.

Over 100 examples of backstage paperwork ready for photocopying--forms like hanging schedules, costume fitting sheets, lighting circuit schedules, prop pre-set lists, sound cues, to name only a few. ISBN: 0-911747-35-4 Read more »

By Broadway Press Inc.

Dozens of newly manufactured lighting instruments, and many old ones not included in the first edition, bring this second edition up to date. Photometric data-beam angles, field angles, footcandles and beam diameters at various throw distances, etc.-on over 500 theatrical lighting instruments... Read more »

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