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Field Template manufactures and distributes the revolutionary line of drafting stencils made for lighting designers. SoftSymbols are VectorWorks object libraries that provide clean standards for lighting symbology. SoftSymbols can be used with Vectorworks, AutoPlot, and SoftPlot [but sadly, not AutoCAD.] The symbol outlines in the plastic stencils match the digital symbol outlines. No other library does that.

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The New Field Template Family revolutionizes the way theatrical lighting plots are drafted. Using the patented Pro*Trak 50 System, all of the symbols are pre-spaced 1'-6" apart and aligned to horizontal axes (like a batten). Read more »

By Field Template LLC

SoftSymbols™ is a CAD-based theatrical lighting symbol package created in the VectorWorks® environment. Shelley designed the symbols with the patented icons used to create his award-winning series of Field Templates™. Each hybrid symbol contains a Spotlight Light Info Record that lists default... Read more »

By Field Template LLC

In the twenty five years since Field Template came into being, we've been asked to design, consult, and produce custom templates for our clients. In some cases folks have provided us with computerized documents showing the symbols they'd like to see cut into plastic. Other times we've been... Read more »