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About Biogenesis THEFOGSYSTEM

Biogenesis THEFOGSYSTEM is a leading manufacturer for fog and misting systems. We install our systems worldwide.

System specifications:
- high pressure plunger or axial pumps
- stainless steel pipes
- swirl jet or impaction pin nozzles
- digital monitoring

Main applications:
- adiabatic cooling
- humidification
- fire protection / fire fighting
- systems for art works, events, architecture
- dust and odour control
- pest control and disinfection

Biogenesis THEFOSYSTEM constructed the world's largest fog cloud in Switzerland with 34000 nozzles for the Expo'02.

Our systems made of high quality components, which guarantee sustainability and low maintenance costs.

The most successful high pressure fog and misting units are sold for adiabatic cooling (energy saving), fire protection or fire fighting (uses less water than sprinkler, less water damage) and for art projects (landscaping, architecture, art works).

We speak French, English, German and Portuguese.

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