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  • 2-Line Guardrail

    To ensure safety of performers, Staging Concepts manufactures guardrails that securely lock to your platforms. Customized sizes and styles are available upon request. Read More
  • ADA Accessible Ramp

    Many venues and events require ADA accessible spaces, which is why Staging Concepts offers portable ADA accessible ramps to match up to its portable platforms. These ramps are available to match your stage height, whether it is fixed or adjustable. Additionally, Staging Concepts’ ADA accessible... Read More
  • ADA Infill

    Many venues and events require ADA access, which is why Staging Concepts offers ADA Infills. Made up of Staging Concepts platforms, supports and guardrails, our ADA Infills can be custom designed to meet the needs of any space. Read More
  • Adjustable Height Stair Unit

    The Adjustable Height Stair Unit can be easily modified to fit stages that are adjustable in height, and includes a locking mechanism to attach quickly and firmly to Staging Concepts’ platforms. Read More
  • Aisle Lighting

    Lighting is an integral part of any performance space. Here at Staging Concepts, we are aware of that reality and we partner with a number of industry leaders to integrate lighting products into our portable staging equipment. Aisle Lighting is available on seating risers to guide patrons up... Read More
  • Aluminum Barricade

    Our lightweight Aluminum Crowd Control Barricade makes it easy to secure the perimeter of a crowd or large event. This barricade is durable and corrosion-resistant, making it a long-lasting and maintenance-friendly product. The barricade requires only two people for easy installation. Our... Read More
  • Aria™ Acoustical Shell

    Staging Concepts’ Aria™ Acoustical Shell is the perfect solution for performing arts venues that need a portable and affordable acoustical system to match the beauty of their space. The Aria provides portable and simply configured towers designed for ease-of-use. Aria’s towers are constructed... Read More
  • BRAVADO® Acoustical Shell

    The unrivaled Bravado® Acoustical Shell System features elegant mobile towers and ceiling panels that collaborate to form a resounding performance space. Designed for grand spaces that require a full-stage acoustical shell system, the Bravado offers an extremely customizable design that can be... Read More
  • Chair Stops

    Chair stops prevent chairs from slipping between seating riser levels. SPECIFICATIONS Attach chair stop to platform extrusion Material: Aluminum extrusion Finish: Mill aluminum, black powder coat, or silver powder coat Read More
  • Closure Panels

    Closure panels secure chairs from slipping between platform levels and create a finished appearance. For a semi-permanent stage or seating riser system, a closure panel is a great choice. Closure panels are made of rigid materials such as aluminum, solid hardwood or veneer, and can even be made... Read More
  • Club Chairs

    Featuring a slimmer footprint than the Clarin by Hussey Seating VIP chair, the Premium Series Club portable folding chair offers a distinctive seat back design and comfortable contour foam seat with ultraflex elastic seat webbing. Whether the Club chair is used as seating at sports complexes or... Read More
  • Contour Chairs

    The Premium Series Contour portable folding chair combines the classic Clarin by Hussey Seating seat back design with a contour seat and ultraflex elastic seat webbing for an extra layer of comfort. Also available in a wide version, with or without an uplift seat. Read More

    A lightweight product weighing a total of 6 pounds, the Courier™ is the perfect solution for conveniently transporting and storing platforms. The Courier platform transport is safe and easy to maneuver, and there are no tools required to assemble. This compact device easily attaches to Staging... Read More
  • Custom Platforms

    Whether you are looking for durability or sound dampening, Staging Concepts offers a variety of custom platform options that will provide you with the best quality system. OPTIONAL PLATFORM COMPONENTS Support Beam – Provides extra durability and firmness Acoustical Insulation – Improves sound... Read More
  • Fixed Height Stair Unit

    The Fixed Height Stair Unit is available in a Formed Stair Unit (for lower fixed height stages) and a Raker Stair Unit (for taller fixed height stages) and can be custom manufactured to fit the height of your stage. Both styles of Fixed Height Stair Units include locking mechanisms that attach... Read More
  • Gridguard Guardrail

    The Gridguard series is available in a variety of wire mesh, perforated, and other infill materials to achieve an architecturally artistic look. Flexible mounting methods allow for use in nearly any location. The standard Gridguard is made with 1/4” diameter, 2×2 mesh or 1/8” perforated panels... Read More
  • Guardrail Cart

    These welded steel tube carts permit guardrails to hang from integral brackets for the most compact and efficient storage possible. Read More
  • IBC Guardrail

    To ensure safety of both the performers and the public, Staging Concepts manufactures International Building Code (IBC) compliant guardrail that securely locks to your platforms with no loose parts. Customized sizes and styles are available upon request. Read More
  • Invisirail Guardrail

    The Invisirail guardrail series is designed and constructed using acrylic, lexan or glass infill panels. The Invisirail series can be mounted as an independent railing or in combination with many other Staging Concepts’ railing options, making it a perfect choice where sightline and safety are a... Read More
  • Moda™ Seating Wagon

    The Moda Seating Wagon incorporates a minimalist, highly-engineered design that provides a lightweight, yet sturdy seating solution for theatres and auditoriums. For busy performance venues, Moda is built with high-end casters to enable as few as two people to quickly and easily move into... Read More
  • Relia Beam

    Staging Concepts’ Relia Beam is the latest in staging understructure systems. Constructed of 6105-T5 aluminum, this system is lightweight, offers few moving parts and is extremely durable. Relia Beam offers flexibility in design; it can be used to span stage openings and is also compatible with... Read More
  • Rolling Drum Riser

    Staging Concepts’ Rolling Drum Riser complements your performance stage set-up. Its understructure has dual-locking casters to keep the riser in place during your performance. When not in use, its understructure collapses for easy storage and transport. The Rolling Drum Riser is for use with our... Read More
  • SC Choral Riser

    The SC Choral Riser is a mobile, durable, portable choral riser perfect for choir performances in any venue. This portable choir riser from Staging Concepts can be simply folded up and easily rolled into storage on its wheels by just one person. The SC Choral Riser is easy to use because of a... Read More
  • SC Pro Riser

    With towers that combine both bridging from left to right and front to back, this caster-mounted product is both long-lasting and transportable. Optional accessories include step units, handrail, guardrail, field walls and padding, camera or video platforms, and wind load anchors. Leveling feet... Read More
  • SC100 Folding Bridge Frame

    SC100 Folding Bridge Frame, also referred to as a C-Frame, is a functional frame that provides bridging between platforms. The frame, which is available in fixed and adjustable heights, folds flat and is also self-contained. Custom sizes are available and allow you to use the SC100 with the SC90... Read More
  • SC100 Storage Cart

    The SC100 Storage Cart will store SC100 frames on either a single hanger (pictured) or double hanger cart. Carts, made of welded steel tubes, provide easy storage and mobility for the SC100 Folding Bridge Frames. Read More
  • SC2000 Seating Riser Support

    The SC2000 Seating Riser is perfect for facilities that have flexible seating needs. The key features of the SC2000 are its quick setup, flexible configurations, and compact storage. The understructure unfolds like an accordion and expands to fill the designated space. Only two people are... Read More
  • SC2003 Rolling Stage

    The SC2003 Rolling Stage has a retractable caster assembly so that it can roll across a flat floor while completely assembled. The stage consists of a support structure and three 4′x8′ SC90 Platforms, creating an 8′x12′ area. Multiple rolling stages can bridge SC90 Platforms to create a larger... Read More
  • SC90 Adjustable Height Leg

    The SC90 Adjustable Leg Supports, used with the SC90 and SC97 Platforms, have bracing and leg clamps available for extra stability and rigidity at higher elevations. They can be used with the most challenging custom applications on stages and seating riser systems. Read More
  • SC90 Fixed Height Leg

    Our SC90 Leg Supports, used with the SC90 and SC97 Platforms, guarantee maximum durability and strength; the leg supports feature the same high quality aluminum that is used on our platforms. The leg supports are available in both fixed and adjustable heights, and have bracing and leg clamps... Read More
  • SC90 Platform

    The SC90 Platform is the cornerstone of Staging Concepts’ equipment line. It is well known for its strength, versatility and durability, constructed of a patented aluminum extruded frame combined with a 1-inch thick plywood substrate with an aluminum backer. The aluminum backer provides a Class... Read More
  • SC9600 Bridge Support System

    The SC9600 Bridge Support System “bridges” platforms from right to left and front to back. The SC9600 Bridge Support System consists of two end frames that lock together with both horizontal and diagonal snap bracing. Also included are four top plates in single, dual or quad node design. The... Read More
  • SC9600 Storage Cart

    The SC9600 Storage Cart stores all components of the SC9600 Bridge Support system – end frames, snap braces, and top plates. No more lost components! The SC9600 Storage Cart, made of welded steel tubes, permits end frames to hang from integral brackets, snap braces to store within steel columns,... Read More
  • SC97 Platform

    The SC97 Platform is an all-aluminum weatherproof deck used mainly in sports venues. It is engineered for strength and durability, but is lightweight as well. All decking and aisle steps are made of non-slip ribbed extruded aluminum. The SC97 is flexible and can be used with all of Staging... Read More
  • Simple Step Unit

    The Simple Step Unit is specifically designed for use with low elevation stages. It is an economical solution and the perfect complement to a stage constructed with SC90 platforms and low fixed height leg supports. Read More
  • Stackable Platform Cart

    The Stackable Vertical Platform Cart transports up to 10 platforms per cart on edge for easy navigation through doorways and other tight spaces when un-stacked. When stacked, the carts accommodate tight but tall storage spaces. These carts have removable ends and can also be ordered for a 4-, 6-... Read More
  • Stage Skirting

    Add Staging Concepts’ Stage Skirting to your stage for a clean, polished look. Skirting is typically the first choice for dressing up a performance stage and provides a classic appearance. Our stage skirting simply clips into our patented platform extrusions using extruded plastic clips with... Read More
  • Steel Barricade

    The steel-constructed barricade sections require only two people for easy installation. Each section is equipped with a simple locking mechanism to effectively create a secure barricade that takes only minutes to assemble. The Crowd Control Barricade has a black powder coat finish to prevent... Read More
  • Tensiline Guardrail

    The Tensiline stainless steel cable series is designed and constructed using a 3/16” diameter stainless steel cable and stainless steel fittings. The use of stainless steel cable provides minimal sightline obstruction for a sleek and modern look. Read More
  • The Arena Cart

    The Arena Cart is a high-capacity cart that can carry up to 12 platforms as ratchet straps hold them in place. Additionally, the push bar is able to be detached for faster and easier platform loading. Read More
  • Uplift® Adjustable Stage

    The design of the Uplift allows you to move your platforms up and down with no manual labor or lifting. This revolutionary platform is a scissor stage that is raised and lowered with an electric drill, allowing you and your team to setup your venue quickly, efficiently, and with the least amount... Read More
  • Vertical Platform Cart

    The Vertical Platform Cart transports up to 10 platforms on edge for easy navigation through doorways and other tight spaces. These carts have removable ends and can also be ordered for a 6-, or 8-platform capacity. Read More
  • VIP Booth

    Promote your venue’s profile by elevating your most important guests for improved sightlines and premium experiences. Gain a return on your investment by creating VIP spaces that will ultimately improve revenues for your venue. Modular VIP booths can be customized to be flexible enough to... Read More
  • VIP Chairs

    The most lavish of all the Clarin by Hussey Seating portable folding chairs, the fully upholstered VIP offers the comfort of a fixed spectator seat with the convenience of being portable. You’ll find the VIP folding chair courtside at most NBA facilities as well as in black box theaters and any... Read More
  • VIP Drink Rail

    Create an enhanced VIP experience with the VIP Drink Rail! Staging Concepts’ popular VIP Rail Attachment is available for use with both the 2-Line Guardrail and IBC Guardrail. The VIP Rail Attachment can be used as: -A drink rail to set beverages or food -A workspace for laptops, tablets or... Read More
  • WEATHERTEC® Platform

    On the forefront of all-weather staging equipment, the WeatherTec® Platform is designed to last and endure harsh outdoor conditions. An innovative aluminum honeycomb core makes the latest platform from Staging Concepts lightweight and durable in demanding weather conditions. Its enhanced weather... Read More
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