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About EVC Digital Ltd

Attention all Stage Lighting installers and Stage Lighting suppliers. If you can give your clients the knowledge to use Lighting Equipment - and build the desire to do more - then you'll increase your business. Right? Then here is the tool to do it for you... At last - a starter's guide to Stage Lighting... on two broadcast-quality Region 0 (worldwide playable) English language format DVDs and taught by an internationally-acclaimed expert. Clear, simple, easy to understand. A perfect school, work and home study tool. EVC Digital has teamed with international lighting designer, lecturer and published author GRAHAM WALNE to create two essential resources for anyone involved in the business of Stage and Theater Lighting... From high schools to universities, career and general libraries, open park spaces to opera houses and amateur to professional theaters, these DVDs are providing vital and accessible step-by-step education where often little or none exists. Within two TV-quality programs, Graham invites the viewer to join him as he goes through the process of how to light a show, illustrating methods, tips and tricks along the way. The programs show demonstrations of equipment and practices and are illustrated clearly throughout with computer graphic illustrations and crib charts. Website has online ordering and post and taxes are free.

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